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If you do not know what Steampunk, Clockpunk, Mythpunk, Cyberpunk, Dreadpunk, and Dieselpunk is, please look over the Intro articles linked on the sidebar to the right. We do not accept submissions unrelated to those subgenres. 

CLOCKPUNK, Please email review requests to theclockpunkette[at]gmail[dot]com
STEAMPUNK, *No ebooks. Please email review requests to thesteampunkette[at]gmail[dot]com
DIESELPUNK, Please email review requests to thedieselpunkette[at]gmail[dot]com
MYTHPUNK, Please email review requests to themythpunkette[at]gmail[dot]com
DREADPUNK, *No ebooks. Please email review requests to thedreadpunkette[at]gmail[dot]com
CYBERPUNK Please email review requests to thecyberpunkette[at]gmail[dot]com

Note: Take the time to look at the "about" section. If your email is addressed to no one, or vague about what your project/book is about, it will be deleted.

The Watch Makers Lady, Heather Massey, Writing 4 ☆out of 5 ☆,  Level of Clockpunk- 7"oclock

The Map of Time, Felix J. Palma
The Unnaturalists, TIFFANY TRENT
An Airship Named Desire Katherine McIntyre
The Aylesford Skull James P Baylock

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