Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Announcing Some Spectacular Punkette News

Prepare to be amazed!

We have some exciting news to share with everyone.

It's been a little while. Okay, it's been a long while. But the Punkettes have some really cool stuff going on, so we thought we'd post an update on a few things, as well as share some exciting news!

First and foremost is the addition of two new Punkettes! We have K.T. Hannah joining us as The Cyberpunkette, as well as Adelyn Sterling who will be taking on the moniker of The Mythpunkette (you can find an awesome post about Mythpunkery over here).

In related news, E. Latimer will now be taking on the mantle of The Dreadpunkette, since she realized that's pretty much what she's been writing all along (expect a very long post on this later).

In Clockpunkette News...

The Clockpunkette, Rebecca Sky recently teamed up with Wattpad and Skillshare to put together a FREE online course about Writing for Online Engagement. The class peels back the curtain on online writing and teaches frameworks, techniques, and strategies for establishing, engaging, and growing a community around your work. Key lessons cover today's writing landscape, tips for serialized fiction, merchandising individual stories, and marketing your work to build your personal brand — all to help you find success. It’s perfect for creative writers, fanfic enthusiasts, bloggers, and beginners curious about publishing and self-publishing today. This welcoming class will empower writers of every level to confidently write fiction online. You can take the course for free here: http://skl.sh/wattpad

In Dreadpunkette News...

The Dreadpunkette, E. Latimer has teamed up with Patchwork Press to release a mythology based YA fantasy novel about Norse giants, mad queens and Ragnarok. BRRRRR. To get your Frost on, learn more about it here.

Stay tuned! In the next couple days we'll be doing a post on the fabulously macabre genre of Dreadpunk, the story behind its origins, and some awesome Dreadpunk recommendations.

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