Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dieselpunkette Published!

I am super excited to announce, my short story (which is a dieselpunk story) is forthcoming in the anthology Athena's Daughters Volume Two, published by Silence In The Library Publishing.

It's a science fiction and fantasy anthology of all female authors and all female protagonists. I picked up the first anthology, and I've read a few of the stories, and they're great. There's a lot of diversity in both anthologies, stories from authors all over and protagonists of all races and ages.

My contribution, The Maelstrom At The End Of The World, is a story about an aging airship captain, evacuating refugees from floating islands being sucked into a raging storm. They're all starving, so when the encounter a skywhale, one of the most beautiful animals in their world, her first thought is how many mouths it could feed if they can kill it.

The anthology was kickstarted through December and January, and did spectacularly well (to the point of paying me royalties already!) You can still pre-order the paperback or e-book from the publisher, so hop over to the publisher's store to order a copy! It should be printing in a couple of months.