Friday, June 20, 2014

Punkettes On TV!

Well, one of us anyway.

Last Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the airport where I took flying lessons. The breakfast in the morning was held in the hangar where most of the planes I learned to fly were kept.

There were aeroplane rides planned for young people, but sadly, thunderstorms trashed those hopes and the kids had to make do playing with paper aeroplanes in the rain. But there was a flight simulator brought in by the cadets, where I saw a good number of people I wouldn't want to be in a plane with, along with some ten-year-olds that I would be happy to.

Things were winding down when the Global reporter showed up, and everyone else seemed busy closing things down so I waved her down and asked if she wanted to see the planes. She asked if I was a pilot, and made me feel pretty special, and it was fun. But without further ado, click the link to the video that showed up on Global News that evening:

Global Report, St. Andrew's 50th

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