Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Einstein and the Fountain of Youth

Did Einstein discover the secret to the Fountain of Youth?

As someone captivated with time and time theories I find Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity particularly interesting. In the interest of my not botching the description you can read about SR here:

Now the part I find particularly fascinating is the notion that when we travel at fast speeds we reach our destination faster. All right, I know what you’re thinking. It’s not fascinating, it’s a fact. Well if we apply Einstein’s theory to that fact than our perspective changes. We do not reach our destination faster because we traveled faster. We reach our destination faster because time slows for us.

Have you ever heard someone say Astronauts age slower than people on Earth? Well it’s technically true. It may be only mere seconds but they still age slower.

Here’s an example:

A moving clock runs more slowly than a stationary clock.
The most famous hypothetical illustration of time dilation is usually called the twin paradox. Suppose there are twins named Harry and Mary. Mary takes off in a spaceship which travels very fast away from earth (it must travel close to the speed of light for the effect to be noticeable) and returns very fast. We can think of the human body as a clock which records the passage of time by aging. Since Mary is moving very fast, her clock runs slowly, compared to Harry's clock. As a result, when Mary arrives back at earth she has aged less than Harry has. How much less depends on how far she has traveled, and how fast. (Read more here: http://webs.morningside.edu/slaven/Physics/relativity/relativity5.html)

So this brings us to my question: Did Einstein discovers the secret to the fountain of youth. I think YES! If a stationary body ages faster than a body in motion than in order to stay young we have to stay active. So the secret to youth is actually not a secret at all. Richard Simmons, Body Break(Canadian fitness troupe) and many other space-time consorting activists have traveled before us promising youthful bodies if only we follow their routines. Perhaps they are right and my diet of caffeine and sugar merely gives the allusion of youth, because it makes you hyper and you talk faster. 

Happy hurrying!

Rebecca Sky
The Clockpunkette