Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Novel Experiment

Recently we did an article on "A New Way of Storytelling" which was people joining the story through youtube videos, acting out characters and moving the plot along that way. Today, we're talking about something slightly different.

Fair warning: Children of the Archive is the Steampunkette's project, so this article is going to be totally biased about how cool this is.

What's it About?

Amelia Harris has always wanted to be a writer, but her uptight family thinks it isn't a respectable career for a woman.

When Amelia gets a letter in the post informing her that she has made it into Proustworth Academy, the prestigious school of Rune Scribes, she finds herself shipped off before she has time to consider if she wants to learn magic or not.

At Proustworth, everything is run on a schedule, and Amelia finds herself memorizing old scrolls full of runes and attempting to fit in with the spoiled and wealthy children of aristocrats from all over the country.

In spite of the dull lessons and dusty classrooms, she finds herself fascinated with the magic of the runes, learning spells to scramble the words in books, make them deadly to the reader, and even bring stories to life. When she meets Leon – a boy with a bad heart and a passion for writing that equals her own – Amelia begins to think she may actually like school.

But when the Archive’s valuable Libris Mortis (The Book of Death) goes missing, the school is thrown into chaos. Someone at Proustworth now has access to dozens of deadly spells, and they seem to be very interested in Amelia.

How Does This Work?

COTA, a gothic fantasy with steampunk elements, will be a full-length novel serialized on a Wordpress platform. What makes this different, is that readers can participate in the story. Essentially, this is the ultimate "choose your own adventure". Readers will be able to create characters, back story and drive the plot along. They will create their own runes to be featured in the story, and decide what monsters populate the forest that surrounds the school.

How Can I Get Involved?

Getting involved in the creative process can be as simple as commenting on the posts with suggestions, or as complex as drawing your own runes and sending them in.

When Does it Start?

There will be a "Call for Runes" post going up this weekend, after that a new "call" will be going up every week until Halloween. The first chapter of COTA will go up October 31st.

Let us know what you think of the idea of interactive storytelling in the comments below, and be sure to check out Children of the Archive HERE.

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