Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Album Review: The Weak And The Weary by Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings

A review copy of this album was graciously provided by Eli August, and while it's not something I would normally pick up, it was a good listen. Their sound is very folksy - sounds like something you'd hear played while friends gather around drinking hot cider or mulled wine in somebody's kitchen.

It's always interesting reviewing music because music is such a subjective taste, and is always filtered through the lens of where one's mind is at the time one hears is. At the time I got this, I was starting my first few lessons in flight school, so my mind was at an elated 2000-4000 feet above sea level. Naturally "Rise Above" was a quick favourite.

The first song, "Alone", drew me in right away. It has a driving beat, and a cello, and anything that incorporates cello goes over well with me. The second thing I noticed was the backup singer - and you know, I personally think backup singers are hugely underrated. A second vocalist throws some variety into the music, with a different vocal range. One voice can be as different from another as having a completely different instrument, especially when you're throwing a male vocalist up against a female vocalist. It's one of the things I like about Abney Park, and Nightwish, and it works here too.

Sadly the cello was only in one song that I noticed, but I'm also a lyric person - lyrics matter to me. The lyrics in this album sound like they come from the spirit of my generation. A generation frustrated and jaded by the world that's been passed down to us. Some of it's hopeful, some of it's a little depressing. I liked the hopeful ones more.

So if you like a nice relaxing listen, with easy going rhythms, check it out; I enjoyed it.

A solid eight cylinders.

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