Friday, August 16, 2013

A New Way of Storytelling

It never fails to amaze me what artists come up with. Though many of us steampunks may cling hard and fast to the old sensibilities and aesthetics, you can't help but admit that the internet is always bringing us new and interesting ways to tell our stories, to live the adventures we want to live and to express ourselves creatively. 

Enter Aurelia, a steampunk/fantasy interactive web drama that allows you to join with hundreds of other players, to act out the story through videos and tell your part of the tale through your own narrative. 

Upon first inspection, it appears that the story is in its third or fourth week, and has become rather complex. Confusing to newcomers, though the video below may help clear this up. Personally, I wish I'd heard of this thing from the very start and joined in at the beginning. I'll be checking out the website, though I'm not sure about joining in this late in the game.

But I find myself absolutely captured with the breadth and width of this idea. The potential this has. It's genius, really, hundreds of steampunks can interact with one another through videos and stories, a vast role-playing game over the internet. 

Each week fans recieve a new call to action that invites them to react to plot twists and tell the story from their character's point of view. Fans are also encouraged to post pictures of the costumes, sets and props they are using to facebook and twitter with hashtags.

Below is a sample of the weekly updates and some of the actors participating:

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  1. There are 8 weeks to go, and actors are joining all the time. Don't be afraid!! You can figure out what's going on by exploring the "getting started" tab (Note: I work with Theatrics, the platform powering the story).