Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poetry Find: The Clocksmith

Here at the Punkette's blog, we try to bring you the most interesting book reviews and articles. And now, for the first time ever we are pleased to announce "Poetry Find". Some of the best (and undiscovered for now) steampunk poets of this century.


                                                             THE CLOCKSMITH
My houses vast infiniteness is filled
With the sound of ticking clocks
Most of which are old and timeless
Some large with swaying pendulums
Almost hypnotically rocking back and forth to the very movement of time
There are some small and minuscule
With only the most precise magnifying glass
Could you be able to distinguish when
 Its year of fabrication was
But most importantly
No matter what size
Or Age
All these clocks have
The one thing that keeps them moving
Moving throughout the very fabric of time and
 If something were to happen
To this life source
These clocks would become a simple memory
Engraved in the fabric of time
These life sources
These beating metal hearts
Keeping difference between tick and tock
Without effort
These are gears
The most complex and intricate thing an average Joe must
Deal with every day
Without ever knowing he is doing such
Although my grandfather is quite aware of his dealing with such gears
For he is a clocksmith
What is a clocksmith you ask?
A clocksmith is
Simply put
The most patient man in the world.
There he sits
In his chair
Light radiating above him
Glistening against the polished metal he holds in his
Incredibly steady hands.
There as he sits
Assembling what the average human being would see
As an impractical pile of scraps
Into the only thing in existence
That assures us
Our movement through time
Remains at a steady pace forward
There my grandfather sits with the most incredibly
 Calm and concentrated patience
I have ever seen in a man
For every day he does
What none thought possible
He restarts time.

-Baron Douglas E. Brown

Poet's Note: Baron Douglas E. Brown is a poet by day, time traveler by night. He can be found in 19th century Liverpool, or hanging out on the message boards of Steampunk Canada.

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