Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dressing the Part: Steampunk Leather

OFFICIAL WINNER: David J Foxington

I received a package in the mail today that had me doing a little happy dance in circles 'round my kitchen. My steampunk harness has arrived! I'd been puttering around on the internet getting all sorts of ideas for steampunk "get-ups" and discovered I really liked the look of mixing up your outfit with some leather. Of course, you can get belts everywhere, what I really wanted was a leather harness, and not fake leather, the real deal. Something that would last through years of conferences and everyday wear.

Two years back, when I still lived in Victoria I came across Rad Juli Custom Leather. They had an awesome booth at the Steam Expo with genuine leather cuffs and messenger bags. I'd looked over the stand, drooled a little over the smell of real leather, cried a little that I was too cheap to buy any, and moved on. But later, when I was looking for a leather harness I couldn't really find one I thought was perfect, and it occurred to me that I could have it made.

So I ordered one from Rad Juli, who made it exactly to my specifications, and did an absolutely awesome job of it! I cannot even explain how much I love it! I'm so excited to wear it that I'm trying to dream up some kind of function I can go to in order to pair it up with all my other steampunk wear. Street fair? Wedding? Funeral...? Okay, maybe not.

Now that I've ranted about how much I love it, it's your turn. We had a contest a few weeks ago, and the crazy person that won the steampunk cuff that Rad Juli donated didn't claim the prize! So now is your chance to dress yourself in steampunk leather! This genuine leather cuff is top quality craftsmenship, looks great on a guy or girl and you can win it by just commenting below! Just tell me you want it (Gimmie!) and you're in the draw!

While you're waiting to see if you've won, check out the website for Rad Juli Custom Leather or go to their Etsy Shop and check out the sweet stuff!


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  2. I wanna havit!!! I wanna havit!!! Gimmeh!!!!!

    1. You won! Please email me at to claim your prize!

  3. Hi. Personally, I don't think I particularly want the cuff. Up until recently I had no idea what steampunk was. However, while asking my sister what her kids would like for Christmas, I found out that my sixteen year old neice is all about steampunk. Apparently, she never takes her goggles off. Initially this baffled me a little, but after some research I have acquired some new goggles (I have been told that hers are wearing out) and a rather cool looking pocket watch. I am sure that the she would absolutely love the cuff. So, gimmie the cuff (for her, of course). :-)

  4. i love that leather harness! I've sort of been looking for one myself, but not seriously- how much did that cost?

    Gimmie the cuff [please!] :)

  5. Oh my! Gimmie! Please? The harness looks awesome. Congrats on the splurge!

  6. GIMMIE! That is just so cool! Good luck to whoever does win it.