Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dressing the Part: Steampunk Leather

OFFICIAL WINNER: David J Foxington

I received a package in the mail today that had me doing a little happy dance in circles 'round my kitchen. My steampunk harness has arrived! I'd been puttering around on the internet getting all sorts of ideas for steampunk "get-ups" and discovered I really liked the look of mixing up your outfit with some leather. Of course, you can get belts everywhere, what I really wanted was a leather harness, and not fake leather, the real deal. Something that would last through years of conferences and everyday wear.

Two years back, when I still lived in Victoria I came across Rad Juli Custom Leather. They had an awesome booth at the Steam Expo with genuine leather cuffs and messenger bags. I'd looked over the stand, drooled a little over the smell of real leather, cried a little that I was too cheap to buy any, and moved on. But later, when I was looking for a leather harness I couldn't really find one I thought was perfect, and it occurred to me that I could have it made.

So I ordered one from Rad Juli, who made it exactly to my specifications, and did an absolutely awesome job of it! I cannot even explain how much I love it! I'm so excited to wear it that I'm trying to dream up some kind of function I can go to in order to pair it up with all my other steampunk wear. Street fair? Wedding? Funeral...? Okay, maybe not.

Now that I've ranted about how much I love it, it's your turn. We had a contest a few weeks ago, and the crazy person that won the steampunk cuff that Rad Juli donated didn't claim the prize! So now is your chance to dress yourself in steampunk leather! This genuine leather cuff is top quality craftsmenship, looks great on a guy or girl and you can win it by just commenting below! Just tell me you want it (Gimmie!) and you're in the draw!

While you're waiting to see if you've won, check out the website for Rad Juli Custom Leather or go to their Etsy Shop and check out the sweet stuff!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Steampunk Music?

Can a literary genre have it's own music? This is a question often battled between us Punkettes. We're torn between the thought that bands are jumping aboard the Steampunk genre to find fan-base where they otherwise wouldn't, while our other train of thought is that perhaps these bands don't fit anywhere else because they in fact are Steampunk in form and feel. The second train of thought lends the question, what does Steampunk sound like? What should Steampunk sound like? Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings tries to reconcile that question with his music. At least one thing is for certain--Steampunk music can have kick ass instruments!

Dorian's Parlor and Steampunk Novelists Lend Support to Album Fundraiser by Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings

Dark Americana band Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings are nearing the final week of their album fundraiser (, and some familiar names from the steampunk community are offering their talents to provide new perks for campaign contributors. These special perks come in addition to a pre-ordered copy of the forthcoming album, band merchandise, digital music from the band members' other projects, and limited edition artwork.

Up to three contributors pledging $200 can now claim a collection of four autographed novels from celebrated steampunk and Neovictorian writers, Kate Locke (God Save The Queen), Leanna Renee Hieber (Darker Still), Angela L. Costello (Of Summer and Winter), and Lia Habel (Dearly, Departed).

Special for East-coasters: Those who contribute $50 or more will also receive free admission to Dorian's Parlor, Philadelphia's premiere steampunk event, on the night of Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings' next performance at the quarterly soiree.

The campaign ends on Monday, November 19. The album is set for release in the summer of 2013.

Mike Darnell

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poetry Find: The Clocksmith

Here at the Punkette's blog, we try to bring you the most interesting book reviews and articles. And now, for the first time ever we are pleased to announce "Poetry Find". Some of the best (and undiscovered for now) steampunk poets of this century.


                                                             THE CLOCKSMITH
My houses vast infiniteness is filled
With the sound of ticking clocks
Most of which are old and timeless
Some large with swaying pendulums
Almost hypnotically rocking back and forth to the very movement of time
There are some small and minuscule
With only the most precise magnifying glass
Could you be able to distinguish when
 Its year of fabrication was
But most importantly
No matter what size
Or Age
All these clocks have
The one thing that keeps them moving
Moving throughout the very fabric of time and
 If something were to happen
To this life source
These clocks would become a simple memory
Engraved in the fabric of time
These life sources
These beating metal hearts
Keeping difference between tick and tock
Without effort
These are gears
The most complex and intricate thing an average Joe must
Deal with every day
Without ever knowing he is doing such
Although my grandfather is quite aware of his dealing with such gears
For he is a clocksmith
What is a clocksmith you ask?
A clocksmith is
Simply put
The most patient man in the world.
There he sits
In his chair
Light radiating above him
Glistening against the polished metal he holds in his
Incredibly steady hands.
There as he sits
Assembling what the average human being would see
As an impractical pile of scraps
Into the only thing in existence
That assures us
Our movement through time
Remains at a steady pace forward
There my grandfather sits with the most incredibly
 Calm and concentrated patience
I have ever seen in a man
For every day he does
What none thought possible
He restarts time.

-Baron Douglas E. Brown

Poet's Note: Baron Douglas E. Brown is a poet by day, time traveler by night. He can be found in 19th century Liverpool, or hanging out on the message boards of Steampunk Canada.

Monday, November 12, 2012

International Dieselpunk Day

They're celebrating International Dieselpunk day over on facebook:

The website is here:

They're asking for people to send them pictures of what they've done to celebrate, so I'm curious to see what people send them. They've also got a few offers, and I might take a listen to the music sampler they have linked on today's post.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Celebration To Commemorate My 100th Twitter Follower

So, I went all the way to Vancouver and me the Steampunkette and the Clockpunkette in person, for the first time. We had a ball together, and I can't wait for another chance to get together with them. (Crossing my fingers they can make it out to my hometown con in Winnipeg, Keycon, next May.)

Anyway I'm slowly accumulating twitter followers, and have thought, you know, I should do something special, when I hit 100. I thought of a giveaway, but I don't know that I'd necessarily be giving away something that my 100th follower would want. I've kind of agonized about having that thing be posting a short story for free - any short story I'd be willing to post would be one I still think I could sell, and if I post it for free, I can't sell it.

But I've decided, I will do it anyway, because you people deserve something for sticking with me, and this is something I can give to all of my followers. (As opposed to the twitternauts who follow me, wait three days, and when I don't follow back because their entire feed is tweets trying to sell me something/what they had for dinner and how many times they go to the bathroom, they unfollow me.)

Well, I'm sitting at 99 twitter followers. So if you want to see that story, I'm @Lindsay_Kitson. (You can click on my pic above to get to my profile page.) Follow me, and the story goes up. Link will be posted here and on my personal website,

eta: And within a couple hours, I'm up to 101! Click the seal to read the story: